Saturday, May 31, 2008

esty shopping is addictive

i've been eyeing this tshirt from xenotees for a long time. i don't know why it took me so long to get it. well, i finally did! the print is just so clever, just like its designer. "Impress all your friends with this brainy, yet unique shirt. Is there really an "unkindness of ravens", a "smack of jellyfish", or a "business of ferrets"? You Betcha- and many more...
This is a list of over 100 animals & their collective names- some you've heard, but mostly the ones you haven't, & they are truly hard to believe!". 
look into the print for a few seconds. you'll see it move, i swear...
i can't wait to receive it... please arrive soon!!!

uhhhhhhh i can't wait to wash my hair with these. check out the descriptions on these.... at gudonyatoo
handmade soaps are already occupying most of my drawers... now with a possible hair product addiction, i will have to get storage space.

raedunn was featured on etsy's front page this afternoon and i fell in love with her work... and to make my day, i finally found the perfect soap dish i've been searching for a long long time... now my delicious handmade soaps will have a beautiful handmade dish to sit on...

mr. postman, hurry up!!!

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