Monday, June 30, 2008

i heart ♥Heart Handmade♥

heart handmade is one of my favorite blogs. marichelle is great, in the sense that - aside from being the sweetest person - she supports and provides exposure to many many independent artists. 
her blog has many interesting + informative sections, i.e. one of my favorites: heart lab. where the featured artists show how they make their products.
i also love shop + tell.
retail therapy i love too...
basically, i love everything: i learn a lot from her blog and i always find something i want to buy from her spectacular :finds:

i was asked to do an interview and i can't say how happy + honored i was!
marichelle has interviewed so many amazing talents, which i admire so much - it was an absolute honor to have been asked to be interviewed for her blog :)
well, with ALL that said, please visit Heart Handmade to read the interview.
Don't laugh too much if I sound silly ;).
thank you marichelle ♥

Sunday, June 29, 2008

::vintage wooden box, love::

a new obsession: vintage wooden box.
i've been in search for some nice ones for a while now. it's not as easy as i thought it'd be. there are quite a few that when you see from far away seems like the most beautiful box you've seen! once you get close, you learn it's super-glued and it will never open... or the bottom has a huge crack/hole and anything you put in the box will fall through... or it's just plain old and will actually dissolve in your hands...
i'm moving in to my new work studio in less than a month and i've been 'eye shopping' for furniture, storage, decoration, etc... like a mad woman. mind you, my space is small. nothing that i want will fit... anyway, i thought wooden boxes would make great storage for my drawing pens, mailing supplies, craft supplies...
here are my three amazing finds! (flea market finds)

this one i'm using as my contact storage - the cards came with! going to staple all my contact's business cards! (see, i do keep business cards :)

hey, i made these!!!

i made these muslin pouches for :something: i'll mention later...
i'm terrible at sewing. easily frustrated with sewing machines. threads always break on me. not to mention the flying needle tips.
HOWEVER, i managed to make 20 of these little pouches and not give up after the first painful attempt! yay! (those of you who make 100s of them in a few hours please feel free to laugh: it took me most of the day to make 20...)
majority of them have a red thread finish. i switched to black thread when the red ran out. i'm glad it did because i love both colors!

the daylight (well, new york daylight: reflection of the sun from building across the street) was over by the time i finished closing the pouches, hence the different lighting on the next shot. (excuses, excuses, excuses...)

::Flickr me MOO::

when i signed up for the flickr pro account i was offered 10 free MOO cards. i had heard of them, but was actually never interested. still, i decided i'd try - it's free - why not? (in brazil we have a saying: if it's free, even an injection on the forehead - i know, i know, does not make any sense in english... i swear it's funny in portuguese... like when we say something is expensive: it cost me the eyeballs of my face! ::laughing::) ANYWAY...
i did a quick pick of 10 pictures in my flickr album, cropped and submitted.
they arrived yesterday and i think they are absolutely adorable. i almost don't want to give them away. i love the little box with the pick-a-boo :) and the ticket stub looking cute moo card/receipt/invoice/whatever it is...
now, should i order 100 of them? or do you think a regular business card is better. i always had the opinion that i should keep the business card the size it should be: like all the others! standard. it's more likely a person will keep it in their stash of business cards. i confess i have a huge stash of them. they are probably all out-dated but i like to collect... but when i receive a weird shaped one or of some material rather than paper i usually end up losing it... or throwing it away...
what do you think?
i need to make new business cards as soon as possible.
thoughts? ideas? suggestions? if it's free, hey, even an injection on the forehead ;)

Friday, June 27, 2008

{Creature Comforts' Things I Heart}

EZ, from Creature Comforts', pin board can be seen at DaWanda.
You will receive a free gift, from DaWanda, with any purchase you make within her list!
::Ez, thank you so much for your support::

hurry, check it out!

::bailey moment::


Thursday, June 26, 2008

~catch me if you can~

i killed a rat once. as much as i think they are disgusting, i feel terrible.
this is an homage to the rat.
i'm sorry, rat.


soul sisters candles

got myself another gardenia scented candle from soul sisters! jen & bec, were kind enough to add tons of samples for me: i'm adding more favorites to my list.
i keep forgetting to photograph their packaging... grrr. i just get so excited to open it...
it's just like getting a gift. so nicely packaged. i love it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

///cracks my heart///

maybe it's my lack of luck, maybe it's the mishandling, maybe it's negligence, maybe it's all sorts of things.
but i'm getting pretty tired of it.
receiving packages containing broken pieces is becoming a routine.
i no longer get excited about receiving packages. now i bust out the camera and take pictures of the "opening the package process".
i don't care if it's insured or not. the fact is that valuable pieces, wanted pieces, pretty pieces... have been destroyed because of what? i don't want to say. but i'm frustrated. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

ooo B A I L E Y ooo

bailey's friend ::bob:: left and she's quite sad...
he was here with us for a few days while his owner was out of town.
it was play date every day, every hour, every minute.
they couldn't get enough of each other. you could tell they were exhausted, yet still trying to play. jump on each other, bite, growl, tug...
so sweet.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

...she's like the wind...

just posted this one on etsy and i can't get the song out of my head...

::prints on etsy::

many people have contacted me asking if i were ever going to sell prints of my artwork... it's always been in my mind, and it took me a while to finally decide to do it.
not everybody wants art on cups...plates...saucers... ;)
i just posted the suffocation part I::II on my etsy shop.
maybe some day i'll sell the originals... 

::PUI's new album cover::

this was my first commission work for an album cover.
PUI's new album now available at itunes store.
you can find the original art work at my illustration website.

the inspiration came from talks with NC (vocals + guitar) and his passion for egyptian history/art and darkness.
i thought of a death of great leading to birth of ultimate greatness.
the introduction of a new, fresh and unique band.

fun fact: click on the image. step away from the screen. can you see a screaming creature?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

::Homer Laughlin:: Lifetime China Co.

from 1953-1968

i've found some more and i cannot wait to work on them...
the plate itself is so beautiful ::the blue::the gold::

{ H A V I L A N D, Limoges }

do you know about haviland, limoges?
i've been learning about it more and more each day. the more i learn about it, the more i fall in love with it...
well, most porcelain/china made in limoges, france seem to be the most gorgeous wares.
i've been lucky, i believe, to have found these ones (T&V, Limoges). they make the plate sets look so much richer and beautiful.
this little bowl is from 1892-1907.

a few weeks ago, i found an amazing set of haviland plates, cups and saucers. unfortunately, they arrived completely broken... it was heart breaking. as they were beautiful. i might get some mosaic done... 

but, my heart has been mended recently as i found a ::more:: ;) beautiful set of havilands! and they are due to arrive soon.

Monday, June 16, 2008

::vintage obsession::

as you may have noticed, i've been quite fascinated with vintage wares. to feed my obsession, i've been browsing thru several flea markets, online vintage shops, ebay, etsy....
i've found amazing vintage plates, cups and saucers and couldn't wait to draw on them.
so, for the last couple of days i've been doing so::it's so rewarding to draw on something so beautiful and old. it makes me wonder about the history of it... 
here's my first set of vintage wall plate set.
these sets are one of a kind.
for more photos visit:

::time for tea::

::wall decor::

Saturday, June 7, 2008

triple {enamored}


why is this picture so small...

these vintage pieces are so gorgeous i can't get over them. i found them on etsy yesterday and have been dreaming about them ever since...
oh christmas, why so far away.

these lovely pieces from petit poulailler

...oh, it's hot!

care for some ice cold, refreshing orange juice?
tastes better in these cups, actually.

i kid i kid... but aren't they cute?

Friday, June 6, 2008


is happening RIGHT NOW!
please visit
for more information!


it's bailey's birthday today!
to celebrate this beautiful occasion bailey doesn't bark has this to offer you:

buy one for yourself and the second one can be gifted to someone special! 
or buy both for yourself!
father's day's coming up, why not?
there are so many reasons to take advantage of this offer...

please contact me with the 2 items you desire and i will post a reserve listing with the combined shipping price. (remember, any shipping overage above $1 will be reimbursed)

WAIT: Is it your birthday today as well? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! email me for instructions and you'll get 50% OFF first item!

*offer valid only today 12am-11:59pm (your time). 
*limit: one sale per person.
*discount price on item with lesser value.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


the latest addition to the shhh series:
red sleeping birds on tree branches
small bowl.
i thought this would be a cute jewelry placer.
perhaps a creamy strawberry ice cream?

::the reviews are in::

i highly recommend these two products by gudonya too. i tried them as soon as they arrived in the mail :)
the consistency of the shampoo is quite unusual. it's thick and grainy but softens immediately when you apply to wet hair. you don't need much for enough lather. my hair is long and with regular shampoos i need quite a squeeze, but not with this one.
the scent is out of this world. you have to try it to know what i mean...
the conditioner has an amazing scent as well. it has a delicate aroma and it lingers on your hands as well as it does on your hair.
like the shampoo, not much is needed to do it's job.

Gudonya Salty DAWG Creme Shampoo (tm) - Spa Fusion-- Limited Edition--- vegan --- 6oz Tube
Gudonya INTENSE Hair Conditioner (tm) - So Delicious Scent --- 6oz Tube

:them eggs:them cubes:

i think these are great and make perfect gifts. you can custom order with whatever you want written on it.
if i'd known about these eggs and/or cubes six months ago i'd suggested it to my best friend. she's getting married soon and these could have been pretty gifts for guests.

bdb featured on ::creature comforts::

marichelle at heart handmade kindly informed me that bailey doesn't bark was feature in creature comforts!
the blog is lovely and i'm very honored and happy that the tea bag string tea cup has been featured!

look what i just bought!

a 50's:60's tea bag holder. so sweet no?
i'm probably going to use it to place my necklaces before i go to bed...
i always forget to take them off and they get tangled up: this makes me frustrated...
can't wait to receive it!

i've also found some cool vintage plates i intend to draw on and mix:match with more modern plates. i think they'll make cools wall plate sets.
uhhh i cannot wait!

more {enamored}

with these beautiful vintage leaf shaped bowls from coco + kelly...
i can't wait for the weekend - i have the flea :bug:
i'm going to take my vintage shopping obsession phase out to the flea markets!

hey, it's bailey's birthday tomorrow 6/6! *hint*hint*
she could use 4 leaf shaped bowls...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


completely:utterly: by this beautiful tiny vintage plate.
it's so sweet:romantic: and i want it.