Wednesday, June 18, 2008

{ H A V I L A N D, Limoges }

do you know about haviland, limoges?
i've been learning about it more and more each day. the more i learn about it, the more i fall in love with it...
well, most porcelain/china made in limoges, france seem to be the most gorgeous wares.
i've been lucky, i believe, to have found these ones (T&V, Limoges). they make the plate sets look so much richer and beautiful.
this little bowl is from 1892-1907.

a few weeks ago, i found an amazing set of haviland plates, cups and saucers. unfortunately, they arrived completely broken... it was heart breaking. as they were beautiful. i might get some mosaic done... 

but, my heart has been mended recently as i found a ::more:: ;) beautiful set of havilands! and they are due to arrive soon.

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