Sunday, June 1, 2008


n.   (ād'ĭkt) 
  1. One who is addicted, as to narcotics or a compulsive activity.
  2. A devoted adherent; a fan: "We are all . . . addicts of change" (Christopher Lasch). 
no, not to narcotics but to a compulsive activity: browsing through esty and wanting to shop for more more more more more.
there are so many wonderful things being sold that it's impossible to not want to buy. i can't wait for more birthdays to come or better yet: christmas.
i do have to control myself as i'm just starting my business and i need to keep my savings: SAVED.
another thing i'm addicted to is to browsing through great ceramists/potters online.
if i could turn back time...
i'd be a ceramist by now...

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