Thursday, June 5, 2008

::the reviews are in::

i highly recommend these two products by gudonya too. i tried them as soon as they arrived in the mail :)
the consistency of the shampoo is quite unusual. it's thick and grainy but softens immediately when you apply to wet hair. you don't need much for enough lather. my hair is long and with regular shampoos i need quite a squeeze, but not with this one.
the scent is out of this world. you have to try it to know what i mean...
the conditioner has an amazing scent as well. it has a delicate aroma and it lingers on your hands as well as it does on your hair.
like the shampoo, not much is needed to do it's job.

Gudonya Salty DAWG Creme Shampoo (tm) - Spa Fusion-- Limited Edition--- vegan --- 6oz Tube
Gudonya INTENSE Hair Conditioner (tm) - So Delicious Scent --- 6oz Tube

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