Sunday, June 29, 2008

::vintage wooden box, love::

a new obsession: vintage wooden box.
i've been in search for some nice ones for a while now. it's not as easy as i thought it'd be. there are quite a few that when you see from far away seems like the most beautiful box you've seen! once you get close, you learn it's super-glued and it will never open... or the bottom has a huge crack/hole and anything you put in the box will fall through... or it's just plain old and will actually dissolve in your hands...
i'm moving in to my new work studio in less than a month and i've been 'eye shopping' for furniture, storage, decoration, etc... like a mad woman. mind you, my space is small. nothing that i want will fit... anyway, i thought wooden boxes would make great storage for my drawing pens, mailing supplies, craft supplies...
here are my three amazing finds! (flea market finds)

this one i'm using as my contact storage - the cards came with! going to staple all my contact's business cards! (see, i do keep business cards :)

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