Sunday, June 29, 2008

hey, i made these!!!

i made these muslin pouches for :something: i'll mention later...
i'm terrible at sewing. easily frustrated with sewing machines. threads always break on me. not to mention the flying needle tips.
HOWEVER, i managed to make 20 of these little pouches and not give up after the first painful attempt! yay! (those of you who make 100s of them in a few hours please feel free to laugh: it took me most of the day to make 20...)
majority of them have a red thread finish. i switched to black thread when the red ran out. i'm glad it did because i love both colors!

the daylight (well, new york daylight: reflection of the sun from building across the street) was over by the time i finished closing the pouches, hence the different lighting on the next shot. (excuses, excuses, excuses...)

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