Monday, June 30, 2008

i heart ♥Heart Handmade♥

heart handmade is one of my favorite blogs. marichelle is great, in the sense that - aside from being the sweetest person - she supports and provides exposure to many many independent artists. 
her blog has many interesting + informative sections, i.e. one of my favorites: heart lab. where the featured artists show how they make their products.
i also love shop + tell.
retail therapy i love too...
basically, i love everything: i learn a lot from her blog and i always find something i want to buy from her spectacular :finds:

i was asked to do an interview and i can't say how happy + honored i was!
marichelle has interviewed so many amazing talents, which i admire so much - it was an absolute honor to have been asked to be interviewed for her blog :)
well, with ALL that said, please visit Heart Handmade to read the interview.
Don't laugh too much if I sound silly ;).
thank you marichelle ♥

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