Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Why is it that when you go on vacation you think you're "allowed" to pig out?
Last photo: Hot Cheetos X Regular Cheetos. Hot Cheetos - too crazy! I could only handle one.
(FYI, I went back to L.A. this past weekend.)

Hello New York, I'm back!

Getting back to work asap.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Postcup (TM) 1st Edition

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that the Postcup, 1st Edition, will be going on a break as soon as the last one is taken! In efforts to keep our designs new and fresh, we are working on the 2nd Edition. We have very limited stock (of the 1st Ed), so if you have your eye on the Postcup, do not hesitate - hurry up and secure yours! We will keep you posted regarding the release of the 2nd Edition.

Thank you very much for enjoying our well loved Postcup.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

I want to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, perhaps 9-10 years ago, back in Bra(s)il...

A group of friends and I were staying at a friend's beach house. A friend, I'll call her "D", and I were very much into playing cards ("Buraco" aka Canastra) so we liked to stay home instead of going out with the rest of the group in the evenings. One particular night (another friend stayed in as well, "N"), we were playing cards on the balcony of our room. I was very concentrated in my cards and suddenly, behind me, right behind my neck... close to my right ear, I heard "someone" whisper "D"s name. (The balcony was small, only the two of us were there. Right behind me was a wall, no space for another human being.) I looked up at her, my neck and back stiff from fear, her eyes looked straight pass my right shoulder and I knew - she had heard it too. Then again "D.... D....". We stormed off to "N"s room. We were pale as a ghost; "N" was very confused and probably thought we were playing cards way too much...
I believed that because we ("D" and I), aside from just playing Buraco, were also reading people's fortune with those same cards, that perhaps, "someone"/"something" was not happy and came to warn us. Yes, we read cards, we made up our own "reading" system and strangely, the cards were spot on when reading peoples' lives...
"D" and I had some sort of weird connection, probably because of our weird interests. Instead of going out with the rest of our friends and aside from playing or reading cards, we were very interested in stars. On another trip to the beach, the stars seemed to be so close to us, we could almost touch them. Being girls, we hoped for shooting stars to make wishes. We made at least 10 wishes per night - the shooting stars were very generous.
The last night of this trip, we stayed in, chose a comfortable spot next to the pool, chatted and stared at the stars. They seemed a little further away then the previous nights. The moon was full and bright. It took longer than usual to spot the first shooting star.... however, this one did not fade away. It was very close to the moon and was slower than the usual shooting star. We assumed it was a plane. But that close to the moon?! It did not blink like planes do, but then we thought, it's so far away, how could we see it blink. Then, another "star" just like it appeared out of the blue. Then another one, another one.... another one.... We thought: wow, plane traffic.... Until, so many of them appeared and they were not moving straight. They were going back and forth, up and down. Seemed like they were "playing", even "dancing" with the moon. We knew... those weren't planes. Satellite party? Nah... Meteorite explosions? How the hell would we know. U.F.O.s? YEAH! Intrigued, curious and a bit scared, we "asked" "them" to take us if they were E.T.s. "Please take us! Take us for a month but make it seem like only a few seconds! Please take us!" It was a beautiful, odd and surreal event. It went on for a long time (it seemed). Then one by one, they disappeared and only a few were left. I want to say that the few that were left, lined up? but I'm not sure. All I remember is that one "blew up" into a large ball of light and just like that (!)... it disappeared and so did the other ones. A feeling of loneliness followed. Immediately, I heard laughs and felt someone shaking me shoulder. I opened my eyes, the sky was clear blue - daylight. Our friends had just returned from their night out and were laughing at us for falling asleep outside. I looked at "D", we didn't have to say anything - we both shared a strange feeling...
The next day, on our way back to the city, "D" and I (tried) to explain to our friends what had happened the previous night. Most of them were too hung over to care and those who listened were either skeptical of our conclusion that those were in fact U.F.O's or told us we were crazy and probably drunk. NO! We weren't! We did not drink!.. Hours later, we were back in the city, back to reality, back to life... That strange event seemed very distant and we simply... forgot about it. Actually, I did look up on the internet if there were any reports on odd events in the sky on that night. Nothing.
"D" and I lost touch and only last year did we finally meet again. We talked about it. I didn't recollect, but she reminded me that she had told her professor back then about what we had seen. He had crushed her (our) hopes of them being U.F.O.'s. (I don't remember what his explanation was, sadly.) So again, we forgot about it.
A few days ago, I watched a documentary about U.F.O.'s. and like the other times I've watched these "E.T. documentaries", I kept thinking, oh that's totally manipulated... that's probably a fly stuck on the lens... that's cgi, etc. etc. Until it showed what I had seen that night...................................... Now, I have a visual document to show exactly what we saw. Enjoy.
| Fast forward to 39:08s |

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

{ Today Feels So Good }

May is long gone and thankfully, it dragged "mercury retrospect...oops retrograde" with it. Things are moving forward and it only brings excitement and also anxiety plus nervousness. But mostly, excitement.
I've been working on many (many) new projects for BDB and finally I can see light in the end of the tunnel. Thanks to the support (and hard work!) of some very important people - You know who you are.
Anyway, today I'm literally "jumping of joy". Because I'm very superstitious, I'll only reveal the reasons (for the jumps of joy) when things are finalized. However, I can share one very important reason (news)!
Bailey Doesn't Bark has been accepted to participate in this year's Union Square Holiday Market!
This particular Holiday Market is one of the largest and most popular markets in New York City. It's located in Union Square and goes on for a month (Nov - Dec).
I've been going to the Holiday Market as a shopper ever since I moved to New York. I love buying my holiday gifts there (with a hot caramel apple cider on hand). It's always so pleasant. (ok, not when it's too crowded.)
Anyway, will write more about it when it's closer to the event. I just wanted to share the news.
If anything, I'm taking this as a huge experience. There will be many new BDB items being revealed at this market... I canNOT wait!

Photo Credit: JPM
Tramore, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dotted Vases

Off white porcelain vases, decorated with hand painted dots transfered onto 23k gold decals.
Available in 3 sizes.
Limited quantity.


Sorry folks! BDB website is unavailable for a moment. "Server is down for 15-45 minutes", says the host. It's now 4:11pm...

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