Monday, June 22, 2009

Postcup (TM) 1st Edition

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that the Postcup, 1st Edition, will be going on a break as soon as the last one is taken! In efforts to keep our designs new and fresh, we are working on the 2nd Edition. We have very limited stock (of the 1st Ed), so if you have your eye on the Postcup, do not hesitate - hurry up and secure yours! We will keep you posted regarding the release of the 2nd Edition.

Thank you very much for enjoying our well loved Postcup.


Kylie said...

Aagh! Don't do that to me!

I've been waiting until I had an address for my friend who's moving to Chicago from Australia next month!!!

Please, can I purchase one and have it on hold until I can supply you with the address???

My email is:

Thanks, K.

esther lee said...

These are so very lovely!

Amy - Eat Drink Chic said...

These are amazing. Your shop is really beautiful. Love it!