Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Bees Buzz

the bees are here to keep company to the ants ;)

my {fondest} memory of a bee?
back in brazil, high school, circa 1995:
i was drinking my favorite soda (guarana! yes! brazilian soda) out of a can waiting for the taxi to arrive and take us home. (the school buses were on strike).
i here the buzz, you know, and notice a bee trying to share the drink with me. i start running around - the arm holding the soda stretched out. looking from far away, you'd think i was chasing the soda can.
it managed to dive into the guarana.
i'm sure you're familiar with the {desperado} sound of a bee drowning in a soda can. 
it's heart breaking.
so, i get a straw and save it from the sugary waves of death.
the taxi finally arrives.
i'm happy with what's left of my guarana.
start sipping away and as the car takes off...

the bee, despite me having saved it from death, stung me on the back of my neck.
I could not believe it.
If followed me into the taxi...

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