Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last night...

Neil Young at the Madison Square Garden 12.15.2008
First thing we did was get (foot long) hot dogs and nachos (extra cheese). I don't know what it is about concert/game junk food craving... but even with the knowledge that they taste like c*&%$p and costs "the eyeballs of my face" (brazilian expression) I was so excited to get them...
The venue was quite empty when Everest came out. I have to admit, I had never heard of them - nor did everybody around me because they would tell each other: Oh, it's Evergreen playing now. - Yeah, I know them! It's Everclear! - I heard them on the radio today, it's Edelweiss.
The seats were filled up pretty quickly by the time Wilco was on. Ohhh, they were great!...
I was mesmerized.
Many people were there for Wilco only, so they left right afterwards.

and finally, Neil Young. Obviously, the crowd went nuts.

I was very entertained by a few men seating close to us. So passionate - They'd stand up and sing out loud, eyes closed, gesturing with their hands like they were preaching about a miracle.
Older, I assume. Late 50's. But they exuded youth... Teenage boys, playing air guitar.
Neil Young was amazing.

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Noƫlle said...

I love Neil Young AND that expression "the eyeballs of my face"! Sounds like the perfect Treasury title! Glad you had a fun break RJ!