Wednesday, November 19, 2008


As you may know,
both my websites:
baileydoesntbark and rejinlee,
have been hacked...

Apparently my websites were "injected" with "malware". What they did was install a key logger in my computer (?!?) to have access to everything I type. i.e. passwords!!!!!!! That way, they got my FTP password and "injected" these "malwares" into my websites. grrrrr.

There's something about GOOGLE (unintentionally) being a source of the virus/hack attack as well. BEWARE of weird links on Google search page. (I read that there was a "google tips" link right under the search box and that lead to bad sites.)

Everything has been removed, fixed, altered and protected from my end and my hosts (which by the way, did not help me very much... this is the second host i'm trying... it's not very fun to switch hosts and i would love not to have to go thru that again)...
Now, I'm just waiting for GOOGLE
that HORRIBLE warning page OFF my website. (Google, do you hear me?)

The frustrating part is that I don't know how long that will take. I managed to speak with one person from Google in Chicago since the headquarters makes it impossible to reach a REAL person. But she had NO IDEA how to help me (to be fair, she tried: thank you!).

I apologize for those who have tried to visit my website and have encountered the warning page.
According to the google webmaster, my websites have not passed on any virus.
However, if you are concerned, run a virus scan, and if you own a mac like me (which makes it harder to find info to fix these sort of things, since mac is supposedly: untouchable) check out ClamXav.

Anyway, I'm terrible at these things: computer technical terms, virus and/or hacker words, etc etc. 
I'm probably confusing you.
If you're concerned,
google (ahah, how ironic) 2009 antivirus.
You'll find better explanations.

My websites are labeled : "bad" 

I ask that you're patient and hopefully this will be solved in a timely manner.
Thank you very much for all your support.

x, Hacker Hater

P.S. Dear Hackers, what's the point? 

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