Wednesday, March 11, 2009

{ Whimsy Marshmallows }

Today I'd like to share with you Whimsy and Spice's Maple Marshmallows.

A few Sunday's ago I went to the Brooklyn Flea market in Dumbo just to get myself some Whimsy and Spice delicious treats. (Twitter effect: I had not planned on going to the market until I read Jenna's twitter reminder). As per Mark, Jenna's husband, co-founder, pastry chef, recommendation I got the Maple Marshmallows... He mentioned Jenna liked adding the marshmallow in her coffee so I tried that and now I'm HOOKED.
I love recommendations... I would've never picked maple over chocolate (one of the other marshmallow flavors they have available.) - I'm happy I tried!

I didn't have time to take a photograph of the Honey Lavender shortbread cookies because I ate them all in one sitting - yes, they're that good....... So here's a photograph from Whimsy & Spice.

I highly recommend!

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