Friday, April 24, 2009

To Primos with strong statements

Portuguese to English: Primo (pree-mo) = Boy cousin, Prima (pree-mah)= Girl cousin

Yuree & Re Jin at a very young age.
Yuree & Re Jin - still - at a very young age.
Yuree & Re Jin - n e e d s a better and up to date photograph together.

There are some things people say that for some reason make an impression on you. For example, long long time ago, my friend stopped me as I was putting on my socks and shoes. Ok, let me try to explain this better. Up until then, I always put socks first (left and right, not necessarely in that order) and then shoes. She argued: That doesn't make sense. You put the sock on one foot then the shoe, THEN the other foot, sock and shoe. Why lift each foot twice?
- Did I explain this well? -
Anyway, til this day, I put sock then shoe - left, sock then shoe - rigth.
It annoys me, but I still do it. If I try to break that cycle, her voice pops in my head.

My "primo" (yes, boy primo, we're girls, but we call each other primo.) once said to me (many many years ago I was prob 15 and she was 11...),
"I dislike the combination: black and white, it's tacky." Strong statement for a kid.
That made a huge impression on me.
I LOVED black and white combination, still do... Most my clothes were/are all black and white.
It didn't change my ways, like the "sock then shoe", however, til this day, when I'm drawing with my black markers on white paper, or dressing up, her voice pops in my head.

Miss you, primo!

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Anonymous said...

that made my day, maybe even my month!
we definitely need a new picture!
love you primo..