Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Separate Room

This phone photograph was taken at Cafe Select, one of my favorite places to go for a delicious croque madame. In the many times I've been there, I had never sat in the back (of the restaurant). People watching through the window while having lunch is one of my favorite things to do... Well, anyway, that day I did and noticed this tiny separate room. For some reason it brought me a feeling of isolation, solitude and loneliness. Then I thought, maybe living in NYC has made me fearful of not being surrounded by people and action all the time? After all, NYC did make my feet grow an inch and become one of those who get car sick (I figure, since I don't drive at all anymore, anytime I get in a taxi, my body doesn't know what to make of all the sudden breaks.). NYC has major powers over me, I swear.
Then, a father and his three kids walked in the restaurant and were led to the separate room. The kids were ecstatic! Jumped up and down, high fived each other and smiled like kings. They were absolutely delighted to be "chosen" to enjoy their meals in the private, VIP, tiny, separate room...
And just like that, the feeling of isolation, solitude and loneliness was gone.

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janil said...

Beautiful post!